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Picking up where Power Rangers Turbo left off, Dark Specter has captured Zordon and is beginning to completely drain his powers. An assortment of old and new villains praises his victory, but an unexpected figure uncovers his plan: the Red Space Ranger, Andros. Dark Specter orders the new Princess of Evil, Astronema, to eliminate Andros so he can’t jeopardize his plans.[2]

Meanwhile, four of the former Turbo Rangers (T.J. Johnson, Cassie Chan, Carlos Vallerte and Ashley Hammod) and Alpha 6 are traveling in a NASADA space shuttle with the intent to save Zordon. They are pulled aboard the Astro Megaship and later encounter Andros. Though initially suspicious and dismissive of the four former Rangers, Andros realizes he’ll need their help to save Zordon and gives them each an Astro Morpher. Additionally, modifications allow the NASADA space shuttle and the Astro Megaship to combine into the powerful Astro Megazord. The new Space Ranger team then returns to Earth for repairs and supplies, but are followed by Astronema.

The Space Rangers alternate between searching for Zordon and protecting Earth. From the Dark Fortress, Astronema seeks to eliminate them via Ecliptor (who raised her), Quantrons and a variety of monsters. (Elgar has also been added to her team, but he remains a comedic bungler.) Over time, allies (such as Phantom Ranger, Justin Stewart and Adam Park) offer the Rangers invaluable aid, with Zhane (the Silver Space Ranger) emerging from cryo-sleep and joining the team. New Zords are also introduced. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull become assistants to eccentric Professor Phenomenus and join him in searching for aliens.

While dedicated to finding Zordon, Andros has another quest: finding his sister, Karone, who was kidnapped when they were children. Over time, Andros discovers his sister was kidnapped by Darkonda, an old rival of Ecliptor’s with multiple lives. Much to Andros’ surprise, it turns out that Karone is actually Astronema, who was raised by Ecliptor to be evil. Andros is able to convince Astronema of the truth and she defects with Ecliptor’s help. Unfortunately, just as quickly, she (along with Ecliptor) is recaptured and reprogrammed to follow Dark Specter.
Series Information:
Series Name: Power Rangers in Space
Release: February 6 – November 21, 1998
Quality: 480p & 720p HD 100mb
Running Time: 22 Minute
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Type: Action, Adventure, Science, fantasy, Superhero

Power Rangers in Space All Hindi Episode 70p HD Download Compressed

Episode 01 – From Out of Nowhere, Part I
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 02 – From Out of Nowhere, Part II
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 03 – Save Our Ship
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 04 – Shell Shocked
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 06 – Satellite Search
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 07 – A Ranger Among Thieves
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 08 – When Push Comes to Shove
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 09 – The Craterite Invasion
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 14 – The Barillian Sting
720p – Mirror_Links
Episode 15 – T.J.’s Identity Crisis
720p – Mirror_Links


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