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POGO launches new episodes of 'New Adventures of Hanuman'

Devas are ’busy’ in their Swarglok (heaven). Technology has crossed boundaries of earth and even non-mortal devas have become techno-geeks. They converse in Hinglish. Meanwhile, a terrific war is being fought between the Devas and the Asuras. In this war, Lord Vishnu slices the demon Rahuketu into 2 parts through his stomach. His collapse invokes the Guru of Asuras, Guru Shukracharya and he comes forward to battle with Lord Vishnu. He also slices a large snake named Kaladansh into 2 parts. Lord Vishnu gains an upper hand in the war and throws Shukracharya in space. Shukracharya announces a prophecy throughout the Universe warning Lord Vishnu that the same humans whom he is protecting, in Kalyuga they will themselves become very cruel than even demons and a day will come when their cruelty will give rise to the greatest demon of the Universe which will engulf the whole humankind. Shukracharya then transforms himself into Planet Shukra or Venus and it becomes the home of demons. Later he joins Rahuketu’s sliced body with that of Kaladansh’s tail and vice versa. This gives rise to 2 demons Rahu and Ketu. Shukracharya declares that as long as his Sarpdand i.e Snake Wand lives, the demons will remain powerful.

Hanuman, who has returned to heaven after completing his task on earth, is bored. He sees a village boy who is bullied by local hooligans. He decides to help him but for that he has to take birth as a human. He decides to do so after agreeing to some conditions of Lord Brahma. He appears on earth in a village named Bajrangpur from a priest and his wife as a human baby. What makes the reincarnated Hanuman different from other humans is that he has a tail and a huge appetite. The baby is christened “Maruti” by his mother. After Maruti is three months old, he takes admission in school. Thereafter, he teaches a lesson to local hooligans, Gabbarsingh and his gang.
Series Information:
Series Name: The New Adventures of Hanuman
Release: 2013
Quality: 480p 60mb to 90mb & 720p HD
Running Time: 22 Minute
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Type: Action, Adventure, Comedy


The New Adventures of Hanuman Hindi Episodes 480p Download Compressed

Episode 01 :
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Episode 02 :
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Episode 03 :
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Episode 04 :
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Episode 05 :
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Episode 06 :
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Episode 07 :
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Episode 08 :
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Episode 10 :
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Episode 12 :
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Episode 13 :
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